Integrated Influencer Campaigns

This category recognizes the influencer marketing campaigns that combine multiple award categories, or where a creator is integrated in channels outside the digital space. 

Crest Smile With Pride (Winner)




Crest has long been a supporter of Pride. However, with more brands involved than ever before, we needed to set ourselves apart.

To do that, Citizen Relations told three stories that celebrated something simple. Something that we all can do and something that the world needs more of.

We celebrated the smile.

#CrestSmileWithPride launched three videos that told true stories where a smile turned a fearful moment into a moment to be celebrated. All to encourage a world with more smiles.

The videos were supported by media partners and LGBTQ+ influencers via social, OOH, and the Pride Toronto Crest float.

Crest created an important conversation. This can be seen by a DM sent to influencer Stef Sanjati, who shared how having a positive support system is so important, which read “My Love. I wanted to let you know I came out to my mom last night as trans. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done without a doubt but seeing you come out days before gave me the push to do it.”

Miller Genuine Draft Design Lab




In 2019, Miller Genuine Draft created a national influencer campaign to launch a streetwear capsule collection in partnership with fashion icon, Jeff Staple. Those who live and breathe the ‘One of None’ brand mentality were leveraged as the centre point of the campaign to associate the brand with those who do things differently, hustle more than others – those who aren’t scared when they look around and realize they stand alone – and put the beer of urban nightlife in their hands. Influencers were integrated into every aspect of the campaign, allowing MGD to truly encompass the urban nightlife community from a grassroots level.

MGD is the beer of urban nightlife. A brand that associates with the nightlife, hip-hop, NBA and streetwear communities. Integrating well-known influencers, from DJs and rappers to nightlife promoters, into all aspects of the campaign ensured MGD was understood as a brand that not only played in the nightlife space but supported those who live and breathe this lifestyle.

As part of the campaign, up-and-coming hip-hop artist and Toronto influencer, Shaquille Baptiste (@shaqisdope) created a track for the MGD Design Lab clothing collection lookbook. The track further entrenched MGD into the hip-hop and nightlife scene while achieving over 40,000 streams.

Nightlife promoter and Toronto influencer, Joshua Findlay, became the face of the OOH campaign as his picture was displayed on everything from frequented subway stops to major urban town centres. A quote from Josh Findlay:
“When I was 16, I told myself that one day I’m going to have my name & face all over the city and that I will become a household name in Toronto. To be apart of the 2019 Marketing Campaign for Miller Genuine Draft across Canada is truly a blessing and I am beyond humbled. This is only the beginning!”

Club House for Chefs® Coast to Coast Tour




5 Cities. 20 Chefs. 20 Restaurants. Endless Flavour Inspiration!

Club House for Chefs® took its trademark ‘Passion for Flavour’ on an exploration of Canada’s food scenes and the culinary trailblazers behind them.

In each landscape, they partnered with chef hosts for city tours, including four of their go-to foodservice suppliers. Following each tour, Club House for Chefs® joined four chefs behind-the-line to create innovative dishes using the brand’s signature flavours.

Content created, alongside media partner Foodservice & Hospitality Magazine, included branded imagery, recipes and interviews, building on Club House for Chefs®’ reputation as an infinite resource for chefs by chefs.

At Club House for Chefs®, there is a solid belief that chefs are the new generation of influencers for foodservice brands. Thus, through an integrated campaign chock-full of experiential restaurant and supplier programs, branded video and photo content and ‘chefs-as-influencers’ type partnerships, the brand has successfully engaged national chef and foodservice audiences using multiple social media platforms, media publications, advertising outlets and newsletters. Overall, this campaign allowed these audiences to have first looks at, and eats of, inspirational recipes, chef insider tips, hidden city gems and a true passion for flavour that can be passed on in their own businesses and future endeavours.

Watier Rouge Fondant Suprême




Watier, the Canadian cosmetic brand that celebrates beauty in every woman, was launching new shades within its Rouge Fondant Suprême lipstick collection. Strategic Objectives developed a multi-faceted, integrated brand ambassador program with four Canadian beauty/fashion influencers to promote them. Each participated in a one-on-one consultation with Watier’s makeup artist to discover the shade that best reflected her unique personality. These shades were named after the influencers and a multi-media content plan was created to profile the influencers’ personalities and lipstick shade. Both social impressions and sales results were outstanding: 811K+ impressions and a 41% increase in the collection’s sales.

The Rouge Fondant Suprême Influencer Marketing campaign was the most successful lipstick program ever for the brand, proving the incredible power that an integrated influencer marketing campaign can have on increasing brand awareness, product trial, sales, and market share.

The existing Rouge Fondant Suprême collection, named after powerful women, inspired agency Strategic Objectives to implement an influencer program that would name four lipsticks from the new 20 shade extension. This original approach powered the ultimate personalized and customized influencer partnership that created an ownable experience, resulting in highly engaged influencer partners who went above and beyond contractual obligations.

Integrating influencers into the complete marketing communications plan and collaborating on product innovation, shade selection, content creation and social media promotion rallied influencer communities to support the partnership and motivated consumers to purchase their favourite influencers’ lipstick. Many followers even documented their experience on their social media accounts, tagging the brand and influencer, generating further peer-to-peer product recommendations, reviews and brand awareness.

Providing influencers with the opportunity to select and name the lipstick shade that best reflected their uniqueness resulted in highly authentic, original content that leveraged the colour of their lips to celebrate their inner beauty, personality and style. Upon concept briefing, we worked in collaboration with each influencer to develop final content pieces that were authentic to the influencers’ channels while delivering against campaign messaging. All content successfully resonated with each influencers audience and provided credible product endorsements.

A creative three-pronged approach delivered a variety of content mediums over a three-month period to enhance interest and product recall:

– Post Concept #1: Influencers developed a 3-Part Instagram Carousel featuring branded image content that showcased how their unique lipstick shade authentically reflected their inner beauty, personality and style
– Post Concept #2: Influencers developed a 1 minute branded Instagram lifestyle video that profiled both their unique style and their love for their personalized Rouge Fondant Suprême lipstick
– Post Concept #3: Influencers participated in an Instagram Round-Robin giveaway that profiled the complete range of influencer lipstick shades, encouraging consumers to discover their signature colour for the chance to win the complete Rouge Fondant Suprême collection

Providing four influencers with creative freedom resulted in a diverse range of stories that reflected real voices, authenticity and drove engagement. With the influencers’ lipsticks among the top 10 bestselling shades during the campaign, the integrated influencer marketing campaign helped Watier achieve a 41% lift in sales.

Chevrolet Truck to Table




To inspire Canadians 25-54 to take on any task, Kin Community tapped into chef & Creator Matt Basile to host a custom 3-part digital series highlighting the connection between innovations in sustainable farming, with Canadian farmers and top restauranteurs, and the innovations of the all-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado in key Canadian markets.

Matt also appeared on the Global Morning Show to speak to why he feels passionately about sustainable farming best practices highlighted in the series and how much he loves the truck. In addition, content produced by Matt and his team ran across Corus Digital as native ads and pre-roll.

The Chevrolet Truck to Table content series partnered a talent relevant with the client’s target audience to create a full custom YouTube series inspired by brand values with extensions custom produced for broadcast, social and digital. With a strong organic audience and paid media strategy, they were able to reach Canadians to educate and inspire them with the content.

From the comments across platforms, Kin saw Canadians engaging with the content, showing their excitement in the comments for the trucks and how the series promoted Canadian entrepreneurs and farmers.

Through tailored storytelling, the content on broadcast and digital also did a great job of telling the truck to table story in a way that the audience was used to seeing.

Travelzoo x Mijune Pak




This year, Travelzoo wanted to celebrate ‘foodie travel’ with a bang! And who better to do it with than Canada’s favourite foodie – Top Chef Canada judge Mijune Pak. Travelzoo is an online publisher that provides our 1.5 million Canadian members with insider travel offers that are personally curated by deal experts – all with the mission to inspire members to #travelunexpected. Keeping this philosophy in mind, Travelzoo set out to inspire members to “dine outside their comfort zone” in 2019, and partnered with Mijune Pak, who took on the role of Travelzoo’s Global Food Correspondent. This was a full-year collaboration that included social content around foodie travel, contesting, engaging videos, and a brand-new nationwide restaurant festival, as well as member-exclusive travel experiences to enable our audience to become global food explorers.

From Day 1, they wanted to do more than your typical paid influencer placement. This was a full-year collaboration that included social content around foodie travel, contesting, engaging videos, and a brand-new nationwide restaurant festival, as well as member-exclusive travel experiences to enable our audience to become global food explorers. Mijune was very much the backbone of the entire year-long ‘foodie travel’ content program – they had countless planning calls with Mijune, and she was at the table for every critical stage as we shaped this program together. They are proud of the final resulting program, which is a collaboration in the truest sense – all of the content and resulting quarterly initiatives throughout the year felt just as much “Mijune” as it does “Travelzoo”. Mijune truly committed to her role as Travelzoo’s Global Food Correspondent by being highly involved in not just the planning, but ultimately the execution of the different campaign legs, from being their spokesperson on Global News Morning in Winnipeg, to encouraging contest signups to her Instagram followers, to even helping write part of the script for their video series!

They kicked off the full-year partnership in January with their first content push to inspire members to become global food explorers by having Mijune Pak share her tips on how to how to eat authentically. She shared that eating authentically is a way of gaining a new appreciation for cultures beyond our own. In partnership with Mijune, Travelzoo’s team of deal experts curated a collection of unique authentic culinary experiences. The experiences included handpicked food tours, winery and craft brewery tours, wine tastings, cooking classes, festivals and more gourmet experiences from Niagara to Vancouver.

The next element of their partnership took place in April with the launch of Travelzoo Restaurant Month. Mijune Pak played a very active role in Travelzoo Restaurant Month as she personally vetted the 50+ participating restaurants to give her stamp of “Mijune’s Pick” approval. Throughout the month of April, over 2,500+ Travelzoo members dined outside of their comfort zone and broke out of their restaurant rut.

Most recently, Travelzoo sent Mijune Pak to explore unexpected eats in culinary destinations around the world. In August, they sent Mijune to San Francisco on a culinary adventure that was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. This foodie trip was different — Travelzoo’s team of deal experts did months of research to surprise Mijune with an unexpected breakfast, lunch and dinner over 24 hours. This culinary adventure was captured with video and blog content that was shared on social.

Overall, this campaign is unique insofar that a content creator worked so closely with the brand to develop original ideas that felt authentic to both parties involved in the partnership. This working relationship proved to be successful for both Travelzoo and Mijune Pak, even so, that Mijune Pak is coming back in 2020 to re-launch the second annual Travelzoo Restaurant Month.

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