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Meet Michelle Adams. She joined the Freshii team in 2015 as their first ever Experiential Marketing Manager, and has helped lead the brand through their extreme growth ever since. While she began her career at Freshii as support for store-level marketing, Michelle now oversees the brand’s Global Brand strategy, including partnerships, advertising, and menu innovation, and manages all brand communication touchpoints. Before joining Freshii, Michelle ran executive fundraising events for WE, a global non-profit, and prior to that, she worked in sport & brand licensing for IMG & the Toronto Blue Jays.

As an advisory board member at influenceTHIS, we asked Michelle a few questions on an influencer campaign she’s worked on, how it was measured, and how it relates to Freshii’s overarching marketing strategy. Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about a recent influencer campaign that you ran?

Michelle Adams: We worked with several influencers across the GTA to announce the launch of our partnership with Shell, where we are making healthy food convenient by having grab-and-go items like salads, wraps, juices and bistro boxes available across several Shell locations.  This included paid posts to promote the partnership and grow awareness of our new locations, as well as contesting.

Here are some examples:

How do your influencer marketing campaigns tie into your other initiatives ?

Michelle Adams: We strive to integrate any influencer marketing seamlessly into the overall campaign, and simply use influencer marketing as one of our communication channels.  In our business, they are most often tied to either new store openings or product / LTO launches – which are supported across multiple channels, including influencers, in-store materials, digital marketing, PR and traditional advertising.

What are some of the key metrics you use to measure success for your influencer marketing programs?

Michelle Adams: The primary metrics we look at our traffic and sales.  If the campaign is focused on a specific product, we would look at the increase in sales of that product as a percentage of our overall unit mix.  If it’s tied to a new store opening, we would look at their traffic or average unit volume for that location prior to the campaign vs. after, as well as the traffic trend to ensure the campaign resulted in sustained increases in either sales and/or traffic.

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