Zen and the Art of Creating

Zen and the Art of Creating

It’s no easy thing being a Creator. Between balancing a crazy production schedule, coming up with awesome ideas & growing a media business it’s a lot of work. Hear from a super talented group of Canadian woman who are making it happen both in Canada and the US. Get the inside scoop on how they are growing their media businesses while putting out good vibes in the world and staying zen. Find out answers to the following questions and more:

How do you keep coming up with fresh ideas ?
How do you keep a work life balance ?
How do you not get caught up in the subscriber & view count ?
What’s it like being a Canadian woman working in the US entertainment & marketing industry ?
What’s the different between working in Canada and the US ?  What are the difference types of projects like ? The types of companies you work with.
What is one piece of advice you would had given yourself a year ago ?

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