Think Tanks

Join invite-only conversations with senior marketing executives

Build meaningful business relationships that will have a lasting impact on your career and business

Think Tanks

A live networking & learning experience that will expand your professional network and provide you with actionable insights to make you a more successful marketer


Deborah Neff Sephora

SVP Marketing, Sephora

Deborah Neff

CMO, HelloFresh & Chef's Plate

Candy Lee

CMO, Décathlon

Jaylone Lee

Vice President, Marketing at HUM Nutrition

Erica Tam

Vice President, Content at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Beth Wilson

Group Director and GM, The Coca-Cola Company

Jeff Fitch

Global Head, Entertainment & Creator Marketing, Logitech

Meridith Rojas

Global Marketing Director, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Juliana Pego

Hayley Nelson Salesforce

VP, Content Marketing and Global Brand Marketing, Salesforce

Hayley Nelson

Global Head of Product Commercialization, Content and Tools, Bank of America

John Stewart

Jonah Fay-Hurvitz Rent The Runway

Head of Brand Strategy at Rent The Runway

Jonah Fay-Hurvitz

Head of Content, Hims & Hers

Michael Bolen

Senior Director Marketing, Plyby

Nathan K. Adams

Head of Social and Influencer Marketing at Mattel

Kim Borbosa

Director - Social Media Content Garnier, L'Oreal

Alyssa Barnett

Senior Director, Marketing, Fabletics

Chica Okoro

Global Brand Marketing, Content, AON

Venetta Linas Paris

Director, Digital Personalization and Content, United Airlines

Meghan Jordan

Senior Global Brand Manager, Lululemon

Jessie Long

Influencer Marketing, The Honest Company

Yasmine Parrish

Head of Marketing Communication, Home Entertainment & Sound, Sony

Maya Wasserman

Manager, Digital Marketing Partnerships, Barbie, Mattel

David Brown

Senior Social Media Manager, Harry's

Diane Paik

Selin Yenibahar Procter & Gamble

Senior Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble

Selin Yenibahar

Director, Product Marketing & Customer Strategy, Walmart Store Nº8

Siena Hickey


Brand Manager, Originals: Beyoncé & Pharrell Williams at adidas

Sam Kingsley

Priyanka Rathore Whirlpool

Brand Manager, KitchenAid, Whirlpool

Priyanka Rathore

Director, Social Media, SoFi

Margaret Furth

Chelsea Choy Unilever

Marketing Lead - Ice Cream, Unilever

Chelsea Choy

Influencer Marketing Manager, Ruggable

Janavi Dhawan

Kellie Spano Square

Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Square

Kellie Spano

Digital Marketing Manager, Spectrum Brands

Kelsey Hartlaub


Build your professional network, discovery new companies and learn from your peers. Apply below to attend.

“This was a whole new approach to networking. It was great connecting with industry peers on insights, trends and solutions, highly recommended ! “

Erica Tam, VP of Brand HUM Nutrition

“We are too often in the day-to-day and coming up for air to talk business trends and overall impact was very refreshing”

Deborah Neff, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sephora

“The time flew by way too quickly and we probably could have kept talking for another hour”

Marie Tsang, Digital Media Lead, PepsiCo Foods

Connect with senior professionals

Expand your professional network through by networking with handpicked marketing executives

Learn from great minds

Get insight into how other experts are tackling the same challenges you’re facing and contribute to a session of communal feedback and expertise

Discover great opportunities

Build a support group of your peers that will make a difference in your career by helping you stay at the forefront of your industry


Start networking with senior levels marketers and hear how they are tackling many of the same challenges you are facing

We know, you have some questions

This event is free to attend because it is funded by our partners who are experts in particular areas of digital marketing. There is no direct selling during the think tank as it’s an opportunity for you to network and learn with other marketers.

We pair you with professionals at a similar level of seniority or higher. We pick a cross section of different brands so you are exposed to the challenges and opportunities faced by marketers in different sectors.