Ujwal Arkalgud, Co-Founder & CEO of Motivindex

Ujwal Arkalgud, Co-Founder & CEO of Motivindex


MotivIndex is the only consumer research company in the world capable of big data ethnographic research.  Their methodology puts into practice, the last 30 years of behavioural economics and social sciences theory. It eliminates availability bias, and allows them to uncover unmet consumer needs by studying up to 8000 consumers in your marketplace in just 4 weeks.

Ujwal is an award-winning cultural anthropologist, the co-author of Web True.0, and the co-founder and CEO of MotivIndex. He began his career working in India as an ethnographer, where he discovered a simple truth – that people make decisions based on shared beliefs, not rational needs. This discovery set Ujwal on a decade long path that resulted in the development of pioneering new techniques in the field of big data social sciences research.
In 2015, Ujwal co-founded a disruptive consumer research company called MotivIndex. In just two years, the company has turned into one of the fastest growing research startups in the world. Today, MotivIndex serves Fortune 500 companies, helping them identify shifts in consumer culture before they hit the mainstream.
Ujwal has an MBA from the Schulich School of Business. He is a contributing author for the Huffington Post and speaks at numerous conferences throughout the year.

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