Canada’s Fastest Growing Social Brands

Excelling in the social media space is no easy feat; but there is a roster of Canadian brands that are making it look easy.

We’ve partnered with Cue Digital and Tagger Media to identify the top three companies across nine different industry categories that are excelling in the social space.


Who are Canada’s Fastest Growing Social Brands?


To determine this, we identified Canadian social accounts that have a minimum of 20% Canadian followers and also experienced the largest follower growth across Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter for Q1 2019. We then looked at the engagement rates for each company across their platforms, and the social strategies they have employed to generate results.




Download the full report to get an in-depth look into:

  • The top 3 companies across 9 different industry categories that are excelling in the social space in Canada
  • The social engagement & growth rates per industry category
  • Analyses the social strategies employed to generate these results
  • Benchmarks overall for engagement rate & growth rate for the quarter

We are excited to continue following these brands and hope you’ll join us on the journey. Stay tuned at www.influencethis.ca or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

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