What it Takes to be the Most Mentioned Brand on Instagram

Founded in 2011, Daniel Wellington (DW) is a Swedish watch company. Their series of minimalistic, vintage-inspired watches appeal to a mainly younger audience.

Over the past eight years, DW has built a thriving online business and community through influencer marketing.

In this article, Alissa LaScala, Marketing Manager, Canada, at DW, explains how they do it.

At Daniel Wellington, we really stress the importance of creating and building genuine relationships with the influencers we work with.

Since we handle all influencer efforts in house, we put a strong emphasis on getting to know our influencers on a personal level. We want to create a community for our influencers where they can network, and try to provide unique opportunities to celebrate our strong influencer community such as our global event last year #DWYachtWeek.


We’ve done workshops in our offices, talking to influencers about our new campaigns and encouraging them to share their #DWmoment. We also do local influencer events where influencers get to meet other influencers in their city such as #DaywithDW.


Most importantly, we seek out influencers who have a genuine affinity for the brand. We want to curate a community of influencers who love our products as much as we do and live our brand values every day.

We let our influencers tell the brand story in their own words while showcasing our products.

For DW, we look for content that really showcases and celebrates our products but still remains true to the lifestyle aspect of the brand. When it comes to influencer marketing, we let the influencer tell the brand story in their own words.


Make the customer journey as seamless as possible – provide clickable links wherever you can.

Creating a clear call to action is necessary when working with a platform like Instagram where there’s plenty of other brands competing for the consumer’s attention. If you want the consumer to look at your new product, take advantage of an offer, or simply share something on social media — make it as clear as possible. Instagram has great features you can utilize such as swipe up links and shoppable posts that direct customers to exactly where they want to go.


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