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To celebrate our third year running Canada’s leading influencer marketing conference, we’re showcasing a diverse group of marketers from across the country and the influencer campaigns that they’ve executed.

To kick off this series, meet Page Casmiro. As the Influencer Relations Lead at TELUS, Page develops the digital and social strategies that nurture TELUS’s impressive national audience and brand reputation. Part of Page’s job is to lead and advocate for the telco’s influencer program, which connects audiences with the TELUS brand through authentic content, developed by new media influencers.

As an advisory board member at influenceTHIS, we asked Page a few questions on an influencer campaign he’s worked on, how it was measured, and how it relates to TELUS’s overarching marketing strategy. Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us about a recent influencer campaign that you ran?

Page Casmiro: Last year, TELUS launched its #EndBullying initiative that supports youth through educational initiatives that encourage a safer and friendlier world online. Our team engaged hip-hop artist SonReal to develop a single that spoke to the cause.

To support the song’s release, we hosted a Rap Battle for Good, which tapped into local rap battle circuit, King of the Dot, local Toronto macro influencers, and our long-term influencer partners, to boost the positive narrative across Canada. The outcome was a boost in awareness of our initiative and an increase in our share of voice on the topic of online cyberbullying.

How do your influencer marketing campaigns tie into your other initiatives ?

Page Casmiro: Across the pillars of TELUS’s business, influencer marketing continues to be a tactic that our team leverages alongside our greater marketing and content strategies. We plan to further integrate influencer content into our customer journey to ensure that we’re offering content that not only offers a use value to audiences, but also allows us to clearly define the value back to our business.

What are some of the key metrics you use to measure success for your influencer marketing programs?

Page Casmiro: Awareness-focused metrics are currently our primary indicators of success, which include engagements, engagement rate, views and reach. To add an additional layer of depth, we’re evolving our measurement to evaluate the direct impact for our business, including site traffic and conversion.

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